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10 Minute Meatloaf?

I tried to brush off my culinary skills to make a traditional meal.  To educate you on my cooking abilities, I currently have 3 recipes that are requested and actually eaten.  So when I say “make a traditional meal,” I mean warming something up.

This feat brought me to 44th Street’s Certified Angus Beef Meatloaf.  Having found this product at the local Metro, on sale for $6.99 (regularly $9.99), and with a promise of “Ready in 10 Minutes,” I figured it was worth a try.  I ripped the cardboard sleeve off, peeled the plastic tray cover, slid the loaf and gravy out of the vacuum packed tube into the ready to use tray…and yes, this is where the appeal began to wear off.  I then skeptically popped that bad boy into the microwave and let the magic take over.

In the meanwhile, I made instant mashed potatoes…thank goodness for good ol’ Betty Crocker!  I then steamed a frozen bag of Green Giant bean and carrot medley.  I know it’s shameful to call this a meal, but if you cooked like I did, then you’d be excited too!


Sure enough, ten minutes later, a hot meal was ready.  The loaf was a bit firm and slightly bland.  But if you consider sodium an actual “flavour”, the gravy was fully loaded.  The mashed was just that, and the medley seemed to have two left feet.

Although it was quick and easy to make, especially for those frantic scramble nights, it could hit the spot.  But if you ask me, some things in life are just worth waiting for.  For those who enjoy dining in a five-star hospital cafeteria, this loaf’s for you.


CLOSEST INTERSECTION:  Find it at your local Metro grocery store.

Would I repurchase?  Only if I was desperate, but even then, probably not!

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